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  • McKenna Hardacre

Lauren & Josh

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

This wedding really was a dreamy wonderland tucked back in ALL of the greenery. I felt like I was in a real life fairytale. I don't think I have ever meet a bride and groom who glowed so much on their wedding day - not about the details of the day, but about each other. You could see it in the way they looked each other in the eyes and giggled at everything.

I got to know them pretty well during their engagement session and it got me so excited for their big day. They were fun, silly, and real! I learned that they love museums and they clink their first bite together before every meal. Oh, and that Lauren is obsessed with flowers and dogs.

When I met them for the first time I found out that neither of them had ever really planned on getting married, but now it was happening. I was kind of taken back by this because they seemed like the perfect match - why not get married right? Shortly after the wedding Lauren posted a photo from the day and posted this caption:

"About a month after Josh and I started dating, The Lumineers cover of This Must Be the Place came on when I was on my way home from work. I remember just feeling this peace settle in my chest when the line "home is where I want to be, but I guess I'm already there? I come home to lifted up wings - I guess this must be the place. I can't tell one from the other - did I find you or you find me? There was a time before we were born - if someone asked, this is where I'd be." All of a sudden I started crying. It was the moment I realized that I loved Josh and wanted a future with him. Naturally, when we were picking out our first dance song...this was my choice. We awkwardly danced in front of our closest friends and family, and I wouldn't have it or our silly love any other way."

The caption gave me chills. She found her home in Josh and they decided on forever. Every couple I meet has a story and it never gets old watching them commit to forever.