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A B O U T  M E

I’m just your typical midwest girl who loves to meet new people and document just about every movement of life! I got married in 2019 and my sweet hubby and I decided to pick up and move to the sunshine state! FL was good to us but we decided to move back to Indianapolis, IN. I am originally from MI so the mitten will always have a special place in my heart! But no matter where you are on the map, I want to help you document your love story! Whether it's your wedding day, or a lazy Saturday cuddled up in your living room with your lover, I AM THERE FOR IT!


You should know that I do what I do because I LOVE love and all of the feelings that it gives me. I take pictures so that I can remember how things felt and that is exactly what I want to do for you. I want to capture all of the details of your life so that when you look back, you can really feel it and watch your story unfold all over again.
I don’t care if I am taking pictures of you on your wedding day, or am taking pictures of you jumping on the bed with your kids surrounded by dirty laundry. It is all worth documenting. Your life is precious. The big, little, and in between moments are worth cherishing.
You should also know that I am a Jesus, home decor, pizza, and wine lover (in that particular order.) I have the tendency to want to spend all of my money buying gifts for other people. Oh, and buying myself sweatshirts that most of the time look exactly the same. I enjoy a day at the lake and a good bonfire with friends and family. I am wildly obsessed with my two dogs and hottie husband. And most importantly you should all know that everyone in my life gives me a hard time for taking too many pictures. It's like they don't know I'm a photographer or something! LOL

Thanks for listening to my dating profile ;) if you would like to be friends, let me know! 


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