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  • McKenna Hardacre

Alyssa & Patrick - Avon, IN

Alyssa was one of my Senior year roommates (best year and best roomies ever!!!) But prior to that, I didn't really know much about her or her boyfriend Patrick. Honestly, all I really remember of Alyssa was when I would go into her room crying about a boyfriend because her roommate was one of my friends at the time. The fact that she didn't write me off as crazy right then and there says a lot about who she is! I was a little nervous to be roommates considering that was really all she probably remembered of me too, but little did I know that she would quickly become one of my closest friends.

As I got to know Alyssa I grew to love Patrick too. Watching them date for the short time I knew them in college was a true joy. They were FUN, loved hard, brought out the best in each other, served intentionally, and clearly displayed the love of Christ through their relationship. They made my last year of college a whole lot sweeter.

Fast forward to after graduation when I was lucky enough to stand up in their wedding and watch them commit to one another forever. There is not much that I love more than watching two people I adore say "I do."

Although I wish we were still roommates on the daily, its moments like these that make me the happiest - documenting my sweet friend with her husband and new pup in their cute little apartment. Marriage is GOOD! College couldn't last forever, but I am so thankful that friendships do. The Lord knew I needed this one. I can't wait to see where life takes these two next and you sure as heck know I will be around to document it!!!

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